Aug 3, 2014

That was it, alright.

Hopefully, a month from now I’m sitting pretty at 90% funded (or more.) This is a series I’ve always believed I would make, and if the campaign fails, then I’ll just go back to expecting to work on it for multiple years.
This Is It,” June 25, 2014

It seems that will be the case, unfortunately. The Kickstarter campaign for my series, Project Epsilon, was unsuccessful.

I’m disappointed, of course. I also feel conflicted about how disappointed I should be. 95% of me knew this was the most likely outcome, but another 5% dared to hope. I’m annoyed at that 5% now, but it couldn’t be helped. When planning this campaign, I had to take all outcomes into account, and that meant thinking through the success scenario.

I’m satisfied we gave it a shot, however. And I’m still very proud of what our team was able to do with the campaign itself. From the animated rewards GIFs, to the pieces of original promo art, to the video itself, we poured ample effort making sure it was as amazing as could be. Even though it’ll have a grey “Funding Unsuccessful” notice forevermore, I’m happy with the page being as it is. It’s a great tombstone if nothing else.

For my part, I feel like I let the campaign down by not posting as many updates as I originally planned. After the first week when it became abundantly clear we wouldn’t make the goal, it was hard for me to think about the campaign. And I know I should have powered through that.

We’re going to keep working on Project Epsilon. This is the third iteration of this project, and I don’t think it could survive another reboot. There’s been so much work done on the series already. It’s just unfortunate it’s going to take another two or three years for everyone to see it.