Sep 12, 2014

This summer hasn’t been good for me.

The failure of my Kickstarter was a big part, but it wasn’t the only part.

I think I spent too much time with my family. Now, I absolutely love them and when I was with them everything felt right again. But the time I spent with them was taken from other things I wanted to do. I traveled back to Connecticut something like four times out of six weekends and it took its toll.

And recently, I made a mistake. It wasn’t a tiny mistake. It was a big mistake. It was so big that not only do I have to be vague about it here, but I also can’t talk about it with anyone.

Since it happened, I’ve slowly been able to recover, but it still exposed some things about myself that I’ll be thinking of for a long time. It’s something that can only be made better over a long time of constant recovery. Less of a cut and more of a broken bone. That’s life as an adult, I’m learning.

I’m hoping autumn goes a little better than this summer has.